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It's software for bringing top-notch research in-house.

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We bring reason to research.

The Insights Suite is a polling 'back-office' for your business- combining technology, suppliers, and know-how into an easy to use software platform.

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The Insights Suite makes designing, buying, and analyzing survey sample so easy that your business can bring polling and other data collection projects in-house for faster, more affordable insights.

Toplines and Crosstabs

Dive Deep with customizable Topline Reporting and Crosstabing. With the Insights Suite you have total control over you survey results. Features include point and click weighting and unlimited respondent filtering.


Cross-Project Reporting

Tease out hidden insights by analyzing ALL of your Survey Sample. Comprehensive tagging and reporting features means you can scan the landscape of your collective research and find strategy changing insights.


White Label Reports

We stay in the background and our software makes it easy for you to put your mark on all of your work.