Public Opinion Matters It's the econovid, stupid.

It's the econovid, stupid.

A public opinion report on America’s big, new problem.

From the ides of march til mid April 2020, America faced the largest change that it had ever seen. This report is detailed look at how those changes impacted the fabric of public opinion.

Introduction by David Burrell

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28 Days Later

A lot has happened between March 16th when the White House announced the 15 Days to Slow the Spread and the April 16th announcement of guidelines for Opening Up America Again. During this time, for 28 days, our company ran a series of public opinion polls in an effort to tease out insights on what exactly people were thinking and what the long term impact on politics might be as a result.

The report that follows give our interpretation of the research. We hope the information in this reports a foundation of understanding that drives more confident decisions as we transition out of quarantine and into a more normal life.

David Burrell

Written by

David Burrell, CEO & Co-Founder

About the Research

  • Geograhy Nationwide
  • Study Dates MAR 18 - APR 15
  • Sample Frame Registered Voters
  • Sample Modes Online
  • Number of Surveys 3
  • Total Unique Questions 87
  • Total Respondents 2,328

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